Our Falcon 8+ specifically designed for high-end inspection work. With full system multiple redundancies, the ability to operate in extreme wind conditions and ability to mount a range of specialised payloads, Moofus is the go-to for blade inspections, the 60MP resolution capable detecting the most minute of hairline fractures.

Our DJI M210 is capable of taking a range of specialist payloads including our z30 zoom lenses and the XT2 thermal camera, here seen with both mounted simultaneously.  

"We tasked Pegasus Drones to carry out a detailed ground survey 

of an area scheduled for mining excavations which, due to the inhospitable 

terrain made ground survey both dangerous and time-consuming.  The deliverables produced

far exceeded our initial brief and the project successfully completed well in deadline. "

Paul Kennedy -  Chief Operations Manager K92 Mining

"We contracted Pegasus Drones to carry out an 18 month site progress reporting survey on 

our 500 plot Redlands Water development in Surrey.  The bi-weekly mapping operations allowed our surveying team to access the most accurate and up to date BIM models throughout the project whilst the time-lapse videography enabled our marketing teams to update our investors and customers in real time.

John Campbell -  Head of Surveys (South)